Introducing Flat Oven BakeryTM Flatbreads

Our products are much more than just ethnic – they’re authentic, and anything but
traditional. Inspired by the most popular breads from around the world,
every bite is an authentic taste experience that takes you on a
real eating adventure. Choose from delicious varieties like
Naan, Wraps, Pitas, Chapati Roti and Barbari Flatbread. For
bread and food lovers alike, Flat Oven Bakery™ turns
your everyday recipes into something extraordinary.

Featured Recipes

featuredCherry Ginger Crumble

Cherry Ginger Crumble

Introducing a sweet new twist on the classic pita. Flat Oven BakeryTM Soft Pitas with Olive Oil are slathered with cherry filling, brown sugar, almonds and tangy ginger, then lightly sprinkled with icing sugar for a taste explosion your family will ask for time and again.